Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks Giving

THANKS GIVING WAS SO MUCH FUN!! I had so much fun with all of my cousins and watching Tae and Sienna dance while watching Andrea get a message by Meagann! It was so much fun we had really good food and Tae and Sienna were so funny while eating!


Yesturday we put up our Christmas tree and then today we put up our ornemants and lights! It was so much fun!!!! I thought it was a little to early but my dad didn't so... we have a fancy tree instead of home made ornemants and colored lights. We listened to Christmas music. Also Lindsay and I put ornemants and earing lindsay put the hooks into alcohol and put then in her ear and then there were ornaments with ribbon holding it and I put it on the top of my ears it was funny! Before we put up the lights Lindsay got some of the lights and wrapped them all over me it was funny! I don't have those pictures but I will add them later! All the holiday stuff has got me into a Christmas mood hopefully Christmas comes as fast and Thanksgiving did.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday Party!!!

I went to a birthday party last night it was so much fun!!! We played mofia we did this scavenger hunt we made pizza's we played this present game where when you roll doubles on the two dice you wear a funky hat and you have to rip the present open with a fork and a knife, and then we had a choclate fountain!!! I have some pictures!!


Yesturday was my first play in the morning! it was so much fun!!! I am sad that we don't have any pracitices any more but i am glad we don't have to come strait from school and then not be able to come home till 6:00 or 7:00!!! I have four of my best friends doing it with me from the middle school and I met so many nice high schoolers! it was so much fun!! you guys should come down one night and see if it if you can!!


Ok as I said we had our Veternas day parade and competition!!!! Well we found out some pretty amazing news! There was a outstanding percussion award and only one middle school could get it, and SNOW CANYON MIDDLE GOT IT!!! and then we got third over all and then we tied for first for overall effect! it was a good day and then we went to go to Washington's parade that they do! And i got to hang out with like half of my friends there it was so fun!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans Day parade!

Tomorrow our school Marching band is doing the Veteran's day parade! we get to skip 3/4 of the day! I am so excited beacuse then the drum line are all going to do a sweet kind of song, a kid in my class made up, the cool thing about that is that we get to get judged and not trying to brag but I think our drum line is pretty good!
Well I can't wait I will write to tell you guys how it went!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Las Vegas

On Saturday My mom and dad and I, all went to Las Vegas for a wedding reception. so we decided we should go and see friends and look around. So we went around 11:00 and We went shopping, and went and saw the new bridge by Lake Mead, and went to In and out! yummy (kind of.) Then when we were going shopping and my mom wanted me to come and see this water show it was so pretty! So ya it as so much fun!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hey Halloween was so much fun!!! 7 other girls and I all thought of an idea of being Pink Ladys for halloween. We had a halloween dance at our school the night before and that was a total blast! A guy asked me to dance but i turned him down.. (sad day). And then 3 of my friends came over at 7:00 Halloween morning we all got ready and did our hair, and then went to school. Then at night I went to one of my friends Halloween party's but i left early to go trick-or-treating. But then I could not find the friends I was going to go with so I sat home and hung out with my dad! it was so much fun i am going to post some picture once I have them!