Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday Night Party!!!

On Friday night I wen't over to my friends house after school with one of my other fiends. the night before we started watching narnia prince caspian pretty intense movie!!! So we wen't to my friends house and had a party type thing waiting for one of my other friends to come over so we could watch the movie!! Her mom went and bought pizza and candy, so we got pretty hyper from that. Then when it was done we wen't in my friends room. We turned on wicked and we split up, one be alphaba ( i don't know how to spell that) and one was galinda and then we would switch!!! So it was our turn (my friend and I) we did popular I was galinda and she was alphaba!!! It turned out really cute!It was so much fun we were so hyper we had to get told to settle down we were jumping on the floor and laughing so hard it wasn't even funny! We also video taped our selves with one of my friends phone!! It was so much fun and we are going to hang out today (saturday) to do a play that we have to do for a class and then we are doing the wicked thing again! I am so excited!!!


lvs2dance said...

I wish that I could see the video that you did, it sounds VERY entertaining!!!

dancing is just me said...

hi alli i am a friend of sienna and found your blog. looking at this post i have two comments

1. That I love Love Love Wicked
2. that it is spelled Elpheba!!!!! Not Alpheba!!!