Monday, December 1, 2008

Musical, Fun, Pizza, Donughts, Day!

Ok so on Saturday I am going to be going every where in Saint George! First I have to get up at 8:00am on a Saturday morning really sucks and then I have to go to the school at 9:00 to board the buses for band to perform at a parade.I have to be around a guy that plays percussion with me he is so annoying but I shouldn't be rude. It is going to be so cold we have to wear like 2 sweat shirts and long pants, and then we have to go strait from the parade to Barnes and Noble to perform there for our book fair at school.Then we are coming back to the school to have a Pizza party and then my mom is going to take me back to Barnes and Noble and then I have to meet up with my choir group that is going to perform there also, and then we are going to Washington Walmart, to be on the radio and sing again, and then we are going come to Santa Clara they are doing another Swiss Days type thing and perform there are then we are coming back to the school and having Pizza party and donughts! I am so not excited A very Musical Day!


Tara said...

Holy cow!! You are going to be one busy girl on Sat.
Good luck with everything.
Love you!